Child Support

The appropriate amount of child support is often a source of conflict between parents. Even though there are some tables established by the government in order to facilitate its calculation, several factors pertaining to each particular situation must be taken into account.


Basic parental contribution

In Québec, the Table to determine the basic parental contribution determine the basic parental contribution taking into account their combined disposable income and their number of supported children.


Additional expenses

To the basic parental contribution one must add the additional expenses of care and post-secondary education, as well as some special expenses like medical expenses, orthodontic expenses, school and sport activities, etc.


Contribution of each parent

The contribution of each parent is determined according to their relative revenues and time of custody.


Agreement between parents

It is possible for the parents to agree on a support amount that departs from the amount calculated under the official child support determination form as long as their agreement does not impinge the rights of the child/children.


Undue hardship

Either parent can ask for an increase or reduction of the level of support if the amount normally determined would entail undue hardship. Such hardship may be due, among other reasons, to the costs involved in exercising visiting rights, when, for instance, the distance of travel is considerable.  Such hardship may also be due to an obligation to provide support to persons other than children or reasonable debts incurred to meet family needs.


Parents living outside of Québec

When one parent lives outside of Québec, the Federal Child Support Guidelines will be used rather than the Québec Table to determine the amount of child support.